Seethuma : Directed Research Division

Corporations that rely on innovation need to stay involved in research. Not just the iterative incremental type of research, but in the fundamental, directed and focused industry research that drives innovation. Failure to do this is not only eating the seed corn, it is abandoning the field to others.

The most reasonable approach to address the need for research is to diversify into a broad range of areas with many opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration. Such an approach is considerably more expensive than most firms are willing, or able, to bear. S:DRD gives Partner Corporations the means to fund this approach in a cost effective manner while giving them greater access and control of the research results.

See our plans for an independent physical sciences research and development lab to provide the focus, the infrastructure, and the essential scientific and technological facilities to allow our Partner Corporations to take a sustained global lead in innovation.


"CEOs from two-thirds of America's fastest-growing private companies report that innovation is an organization-wide priority, and almost all say it has had a significant, positive impact on their business. Further, the overwhelming majority rate their business better at innovation than their one or two strongest competitors. But, in this scenario, could something be amiss? One in four of those citing innovation as a priority say they do not have an R&D budget."

"Fast-Growth Companies Make Innovation a Way of Life", PWC

"Investment in basic research and development and translation of discoveries into world-changing technologies is the endgine that drives economic growth and the key to U.S. competitiveness.

Donald H. Levy, Vice president for Research and for National Laboratories